• Essential Low Back Program: Relieve Pain & Restore Health

    Brings relief and joy to angry low backs. This is a complete restorative and rebuilding program. The combination of Robin’s wisdom with her yoga are priceless to anyone sincerely interested in improving their lower back health.

  • EYT Advanced Teacher Training

    Become a Professional Yoga Teacher! No finer, more comprehensive training to be found in the Pacific Northwest. The EYT 500 will ground you in the yoga tradition and equip you with the skills to teach diverse populations with ease and confidence. Find out more.

  • Accredited Yoga Therapy Training

    IAYT Accredited Therapist Training Program!  Merge your passion for yoga with the science of self-healing…. ayurveda, neuro-science, functional anatomy and steeped in an authentic yoga therapy tradition. Begins May 2015

  • Cooling Nidras for Body and Mind: Guided Relaxation for Women of Certain Age

    These two nidras were specifically created for a NIH study aimed at managing hot flashes in menopausal women. Just Released! Find out more! 

  • Share the gift of yoga with your loved ones!

    Explore our whole product line including the new Cooling Nidras! Gift yourself the whole array of unique offerings from Robin or mix and match to share with your friends and loved ones! Combination sets available only through Essential Yoga Therapy! Shop now!

  • Shema Meditation Through the Chakras DVD

    Shema Meditation Through the Chakras” is an extraordinary visual and musical teaching.  This is a wondrous gift for anyone interested in Jewish practice, yoga practice – or both.  Find out more!

  • Essential Low Back Training Program

    Five days of in-depth training on how to assess & address lower back, sacrum & pelvic conditions to support your students in safe & healing ways. August 13-18, 2015 ~ Fall City, Washington

Robin Rothenberg
Certified Yoga Therapist
EYT Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 
Feb 24, 2016
Jan 21, 2017
Announcement: Essential Yoga Therapy is one of the first therapy training programs to be accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)


Essential Yoga Therapy offers a gentle, therapeutic orientation to yoga that is supportive of those with limited mobility, or who are living with chronic pain and illness.

Robin combines 25 years of study and training in the Viniyoga and Iyengar traditions to provide a nurturing, restorative and deeply transformative yoga experience. We provide trainings for those who are seeking an in-depth understanding of everything from yoga philosophy to functional anatomy. Whether you are a student or a teacher looking to broaden your skill-set, Essential Yoga Therapy’s unique approach will support your growth and self-awareness through the synthesis of practical tools and ancient wisdom.

Robin Rothenberg, Certified Yoga Therapist
Client Based Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Training for Teachers
Fall City, Washington | 425-222-6350