• Unshackling the Neck and Shoulders

    An in-depth exploration of how to optimize function and decrease pain in the thoracic and cervical areas; this Yoga Therapy Clinic for the Upper Body and Neck is open to yoga teachers of all levels as well as students suffering with chronic upper back, shoulder and neck issues.  April 25-27 ~ Fall City, WA

  • Therapeutic Yoga Classes

    Our group classes are supportive for those healing from structural challenges such as chronic back, neck and joint restrictions, or auto-immune conditions. The atmosphere offers a friendly, communal space to re-integrate body and soul, and a safe way to begin moving again.

  • Yoga for MS and Parkinsons

    Increase your energy. Improve your balance, Restore your confidence. Rediscover joy. Breathe deeply… The time is now. Join us!

  • Soothing the Spirit: Yoga Nidra to Reduce Anxiety

    The ultimate relaxation… Learn to cultivate deep mental, physical and emotional quietude through Yoga Nidra, the ‘sleep’ of the yogis. Restful and soothing, this guided meditation and the gorgeous ambient music is a gift to your body, mind and soul…

  • Essential Low Back Program: Relieve Pain & Restore Health

    Brings relief and joy to angry low backs. This is a complete restorative and rebuilding program. The combination of Robin’s wisdom with her yoga are priceless to anyone sincerely interested in improving their lower back health.

  • Teacher Training

    Become a Professional Yoga Teacher! No finer, more comprehensive training to be found in the Pacific Northwest. The EYT 500 will ground you in the yoga tradition and equip you with the skills to teach diverse populations with ease and confidence. January 2014 to July 2015 ~ Fall City, Washington

Robin Rothenberg
Certified Yoga Therapist
Apr 25, 2014
Jun 5, 2014
Essential Low Back Program Teacher Training
Aug 24, 2014
Bridge Training
Jan 23, 2015

Essential Yoga Therapy offers a gentle, therapeutic orientation to yoga that is supportive of those with limited mobility, or who are living with chronic pain and illness.

Robin combines 25 years of study and training in the Viniyoga and Iyengar traditions to provide a nurturing, restorative and deeply transformative yoga experience. We provide trainings for those who are seeking an in-depth understanding of everything from yoga philosophy to functional anatomy. Whether you are a student or a teacher looking to broaden your skill-set, Essential Yoga Therapy’s unique approach will support your growth and self-awareness through the synthesis of practical tools and ancient wisdom.

Robin Rothenberg, Certified Yoga Therapist
Client Based Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Training for Teachers
Fall City, Washington | 425-222-6350